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Contact Lenses

Free your eyes

Our doctors at Clarity Eye Care are experienced in fitting all types of contact lenses. Whether you are a first-time wearer or an experienced pro, our goal is to give you the best comfort and vision in a pair of contact lenses that are healthy for your eyes. 

Not sure whether you're a candidate for contact lenses? Ask at your next exam. We can fit hard or soft contact lenses. We can also fit contact lenses that correct astigmatism and presbyopia (poor near vision over age 43). Our goal at Clarity is to make clear and comfortable vision possible for everyone.

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Specialty Contact Lens Services

We specialize in special eyes

Our doctors are proud to provide specialty contact lens services to our patients. Both doctors in our office are skilled at fitting hybrid contact lenses, and Dr. Laura Armitage is experienced at fitting scleral contact lenses. These types of custom-made contact lenses are used for patients with high or difficult glasses prescriptions, or for patients with diseases or irregularities affecting the front of the eye such as keratoconus, post-LASIK complications, and scars on the front of the eye.

These types of lenses will often quality as medically necessary and can be covered by insurance in many cases.  We are proud to be able to offer this unique and highly specialized service to our patients. 

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MiSight Brilliant Futures Program

Kids should get stronger over time. Their eyes shouldn't.

Welcome to the future of eye care! Drs. Karen and Laura Armitage are proud to be among the very first doctors in Nebraska who are certified in the Misight Brilliant Futures Program here at Clarity Eye Care. This program involves special FDA-approved contact lenses which correct a child's nearsighted prescription while slowing it down over time. These daily-disposable contact lenses are a perfect balance between great vision now and a smaller glasses prescription in the future. Decreasing a child's future prescription amount also substantially reduces their risk for sight-threatening conditions later in life such as retinal detachments, glaucoma, and myopic maculopathy.
Curious if your child may be a candidate? It starts at their annual eye exam. Our doctors will walk each family through their child's prescription needs and explain their best options.

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