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Urgent Eye Care

From 'pink eye' to sudden blurred vision, we're here for you. Did you know that we can provide a more accurate diagnosis for eye problems than standard Urgent care? Clarity Eye Care is prepared to handle your eye concerns. Call for an appointment and we'll do our best to get you in as soon as possible.

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Flashes & Floaters

New onset of flashing lights or floaters in the vision can be scary. Sometimes this phenomenon is normal, but other times they are signs of a retinal detachment. There is no way to know if flashes & floaters are signs of a retinal detachment without performing a thorough dilated or Optomap retinal exam at your eye doctor's office. 

Retinal detachments can typically be repaired without severe vision loss if detected early. This is why we check for early signs at every comprehensive eye exam. Also it is important to call the eye doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms. Call Clarity Eye Care immediately with any new-onset flashes and floaters and we will do our best to fit you in as soon as possible to ensure there is no retinal detachment.

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Eye Infections

Are your eyes pink or red lately? Watering, goopy, or light sensitive? Did you stretch your contacts a little bit too long? Good news- our doctors at Clarity Eye Care are ready to help. Drs. Karen and Laura Armitage are experts at examining eyes for irritations or infections. They can help prescribe treatments to make you feel better, and also recommend routine modifications to help prevent future infections. 

It's always easier to treat an eye infection sooner rather than later- call Clarity Eye Care today for an appointment.

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Eye Injuries

Whether you got hit in the eye with a soccer ball or got a small piece of something stuck in it, Drs. Karen and Laura Armitage are ready to help! 

Our office has all of the equipment and expertise necessary to remove foreign objects or treat scratches on the front part of the eye. Don't suffer through it- give us a call today.

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